Stuart: An Insight into Research & Development

By P&G
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Hear from Stuart about their journey within Research & Development in P&G.

Starting and Current job title: Associate Scientist

I work in the P&G Professional (PGP) department and when I joined, it was to replace an employee switching roles. This meant that quite literally from my first day, I was leading not only new projects but taking existing ones and running with them.

Quick off the back of completing my MChem degree at the University of Edinburgh, I was responsible for the design of new formulas for PGP’s liquid laundry detergent line-up in all of Europe – investigating new compositions and the impact of different chemistries in the products. Another of my first tasks in my role was to redesign formulas for some of our Ariel powder products in Eastern Europe, delivering business savings of over $100,000 alongside some improved performance for consumers through the introduction of new technologies.

A different side of my role has been my involvement in the organization of the intern program in Newcastle. I designed onboarding material for new hires who started during lockdown, given my own personal experiences of starting the job during the pandemic. Additionally, I have already had the independent opportunity to oversee the development, production and editing of several recruitment movies for use at the European P&G PhD Seminar.

It has been clear to me from even the early days in my position, just how much of an impact I can have on the performance of my own department and the company as a whole. Newcastle is a brilliant place to live and the community within P&G is welcoming and enjoyable from your first visit. I’d highly recommend P&G and applying to an internship or grad role in the Newcastle Innovation Centre in particular.