Rosie: An Insight into Process & Engineering

By P&G
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Hear from Rosie about their journey within Process & Engineering in P&G.

Starting and Current job title: Plastic Systems Engineer

I’m a Plastics Systems Engineer based in P&G Product Supply, Process & Engineering department. I supply and qualify plastic processing equipment ensuring it delivers high quality products in our worldwide manufacturing sites. My first project was to deliver equipment worth over $1 Million for a Gillette capacity expansion project in India which included setting the specification and preparing the equipment for installation. Being given this responsibility early in my career really accelerated my learning of the equipment and our processes.

Typically, my role includes a lot of travel globally to both equipment vendors and our manufacturing sites. The impact of the pandemic is that all travel needed to stop and my team needed to find ways to work remotely. This inspired me to research remote support systems. I tested multiple pieces of software and hardware to find what suited our needs, leading to the purchase of an Augmented Reality headset that has been used by the team to qualify, troubleshoot, and install our equipment in our global sites, all while working from home. Being able to lead this technology research has led to me becoming the Specific Point of Contact within Process & Engineering in Europe. This opportunity meant that I could collaborate and network with other departments to share my learnings, so that they could implement the technology further.

Since Day 1 P&G has been a company that cares and values the opinions and ideas of all their employees. The responsibility that I was given straight away shows how much they want to invest into you and your career, and I would highly recommend P&G for anyone applying for an internship or graduate role.