Morgan: An Insight into Sales

By P&G
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Hear from Morgan about their journey within Sales in P&G.

Starting and Current job title: Category Manager

From Day 1 at P&G, I was given the responsibility and autonomy to grow some of P&G’s largest brands including Pampers, Gillette, and Head and Shoulders, and to partner with the UK’s largest retailers. This enabled me to become an indispensable partner to my retailers and work with them to create, evolve, and execute innovative go-to-market strategies which fuel category growth. As a result, within my first few weeks at P&G I was an integral part of designing and executing the largest Gillette innovation in 15 years: the launch of Gillette Labs. By week 4 I was inside our Consumer Research Learning Lab partnering with retailers to co-create where Gillette products would go in stores to produce the best shopping experience, creating bespoke, disruptive fixturisation from scratch, and designing Gillette store takeovers, all of which fueled category growth and culminated in double digit growth!

This is made possible by the autonomy and elasticity that P&G gives you. You are the owner of your business and owing to P&G’s overarching aim of providing products and services of superior quality and value for consumers, being at P&G allows you to demonstrate your potential and work alongside colleagues in an environment that nurtures ambition, passion, and exposure, all from Day 1.