Mikaella: An Insight into Human Resources

By P&G
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Hear from Mikaella about their journey within Human Resources in P&G.

Starting job title: HR Intern

Current job title: HR Manager

Since joining P&G, I have felt valued and welcome to bring my unique voice and ideas to the table since Day 1. One of the main reasons I enjoy working in my current role as an HR Manager is because it remains versatile, flexible and unexpected. There is always space to lead initiatives that you feel passionate about.

My work within the Equality and Inclusion (E&I) space is a great example of how P&G enables me to use my initiative, grow on a personal and professional level and have real impact on the company. I have always had a passion for E&I and wanted it to be part of my role, so I was pleased to learn that it would be one of my focus areas. I have been given complete autonomy and flexibility to make suggestions and shape this part of my role to fit my skills the best. So far, I have led initiatives that enable people within the organisation to start a dialogue on topics including racial and gender equality, people with disabilities and LGBTQ+ rights. This has helped me to grow my own knowledge and understanding, whilst helping others embark on their own E&I journey.

I feel lucky to have had the freedom to collaborate and network with individuals, which would be impossible without P&G’s core values and leadership which promotes collaboration, psychological safety, and innovation. I still feel challenged and empowered daily, which is a great place to be!