James: An insight into Sales Account Management

By P&G
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Health and Beauty Sales Account Manager Poundland

Within my first month in this role, I realised this was not an ordinary ‘grad role’, this was a job. A real job. As quickly as I met my new team was I whisked into a store manager conference which saw me interact with not only over 1200 store managers but also the entire board of my customer…all while dressed up as a circus strongman. I found myself in the deep end, being faced with tough questions about supply and about new products coming to market. However, I didn’t realise how well my training equipped me for these situations until they happened and I ended up thriving.

Since then, I have enjoyed invaluable experiences both inside and outside of the office...including dressing up more than once since then! My team have embraced me but I am very much on my own two feet. My numbers and my account are that- MINE! I am accountable for anything that goes wrong but also anything which goes right. I am an individual, a member of my team who is responsible for delivering my overall team’s success but I am also supported, mentored and trained so I am given the tools required to be successful.

A final thought on how I have enjoyed my first few months and my overall Day 1 experience has to go to my office. Everyone at the Harrogate site in Yorkshire has made me feel so welcome since I arrived and have truly adopted me into their family. The atmosphere here has made me feel comfortable and also confident enough to be able to ask anyone any question I have had- there truly is no stupid question! People are happy to help and the support outside of actual work is amazing as well. There are countless events during the year, such as pilates which I do every Tuesday, as well as the weekly afternoon tea at 3 which comes as a welcome treat on a Monday afternoon.

When I graduated, I found myself in a somewhat nervous but excited state. I was ready for the working world but what would that world actually look like?...I wasn’t sure. However, that changed when I walked through the doors of P&G. I have met extraordinary people, seen amazing things but, most importantly for me, been entrusted by people to make a difference and that is why I have loved my P&G experience since Day 1.