How Humanities Students are Upping the Finance Game - Jessica's Story

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What do a professional tennis career, humanities degree and finance graduate scheme have in common? They all take drive, determination, and self-belief – qualities which Jessica is very familiar with.

“I studied international relations and politics, not finance, but I wanted to work for a global bank because they offer a huge scope of opportunities. I realised it’s your skills and mindset that are valuable, not just your knowledge, so I applied anyway.”

Her experiences may not pave the conventional path to a finance career, but they’ve certainly set her up for success.

“As a tennis player I did a lot of travelling, which meant adapting to new environments. All the while I was studying for school exams. The resilience I learnt then helps me in my career today.”

The same goes for her time at university. “Humanities students can bring a unique perspective. My degree helped me to think about things from different points of view and that’s useful in a company that operates globally.”

Everyone’s welcome

Our colleagues have plenty of time to get to know each other through various extra-curricular groups and employee Networks, like the culture club or Women Leadership Committee. Jessica recommends getting involved, especially if you’re new.

“People are so welcoming. You’re an important member of the team from day one, and clubs are a great way to meet colleagues across the business. Everyone gives a lot of time to new joiners.”

“We have fortnightly team lunches where we choose a different cuisine. Last Christmas I helped organise a Santa run, and recently we had a company-wide dragon boat race that everyone looked forward to for months.”

A winning mindset

If Jessica could give future applicants one piece of advice, it would be this. “Be as curious as you can and say yes to new things. You never know where they might take you.”

It’s something she’s found to be rewarding during her career so far. “I started on the graduate scheme for Global Transaction Services. I was enjoying it, but my friend mentioned a role in Equity Capital Markets (ECM) that seemed perfect for me. I reached out and after some further conversations with the hiring team, I was offered the position.”

“When you put yourself out there, the possibilities are endless. I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t made that friend, asked to meet with the ECM team or applied in the first

place. Don’t rule yourself out because you didn’t study finance, or you’re not from the ‘right’ background. There’s a place for everyone here.

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