Guan: An Insight into Manufacturing

By P&G
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Hear from Guan about their journey within Manufacturing in P&G.

Starting and Current job title: Shave Care Process Engineer

Fresh out of university, I was hired by P&G as a Process Engineer to work at Reading Plant where many of Gillette’s well-known portfolio of shave preparation products are produced. Despite the strange time of a pandemic to be starting life in a new city and transiting life stages, the company gave full support, and I was very amazed at the flexibility and agility to make things work.

Within a short period of my onboarding, I took on responsibility for the results of the line I was on. From Day 1, I was making decisions and setting direction for the line team daily. As a new Process Engineer on the line, I had to quickly absorb technical knowledge and utilise my analytical skills to solve dynamic problems. I was surprised at how fast other team members started seeing me as a leader and relied on me in the area of my expertise.

Even as a new hire, I could autonomously carry out improvement ideas and small projects to expand and improve the capability of the manufacturing process. In all of this, I felt that there was always support and help given by various people in the company and the ‘impact through growth’ mindset really defines the work culture.

In all my work, I could see the direct link to business needs in terms of consistently delivering superior products for example. I feel really satisfied solving a problem on the ground and knowing that it will have business impact. Looking back at the past 7 months, I can definitively see the impact of my work on the results of the manufacturing line and how I have grown and matured both as a person and Process Engineer. Looking ahead, I don’t see things slowing down and I am evermore excited to face new challenges in my future work at P&G.