Graduates, Your Next Adventure Awaits - Demitri's Story

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After four years in the armed forces and a degree studying Computer Science at Liverpool University, Demitri Aleksejeva secured a place on our technology graduate scheme in Chester.

“I thought you needed to have industry knowledge to work here, but that’s not the case – Bank of America hires on attitude. The role and company culture really appealed to me, so I applied. I clicked with my interviewer from the start; he was so friendly and made me feel welcome,” explains Demitri.

Fast forward to today and Demitri’s excelled in his first year, getting stuck into all the new opportunities we have to offer.

“I love how varied the graduate scheme is; your role changes depending on the department you’re in, but teamwork remains a constant. Whatever you’re doing, there’s a camaraderie in working together to achieve a greater purpose, which is something that I’ve always found motivating.”

United by difference

Dimitri’s discovered many parallels between his past experiences and life here. In particular, the research skills he learnt in his degree have proved invaluable to the Global Research team.

“I enjoy projects I can immerse myself in. So, when I saw a way to make our team’s onboarding process more agile, I took on the task of pulling information together to create a new guide. My manager was impressed by my proactiveness, which was really rewarding.”

“It’s clear to me that Bank of America hires people based on who they are and a positive, collaborative attitude and approach, not what they know. If you’re willing to learn, you’ll always find opportunities that play to your interests.”

We’re proud to celebrate each other’s individuality, and that applies beyond day-to-day work. “There are lots of opportunities to bond with people over your hobbies. Within the Chester team, there are a bunch of us who love motorbikes, and we’ll often sit and chat or find events to go to,” says Demitri.

"Working here is like going to meet your friends who you happen to do a job with, rather than going to a job where you happen to have friends.”

Over to you

Whether you have a passion for two-wheeled bikes or a thirst for tackling new challenges, there’s a place for everyone here. Demitri hopes to spread the message to more people who may be unsure about applying.

“I’ve really landed on my feet coming here. I feel so lucky and privileged to be in a company that lets you grow, prosper and achieve all your goals. Not just work ones but your personal ambitions, too.”

“If you’d like to apply but don’t necessarily think you’re qualified, try anyway. People will admire your ambition, and if you’re willing to grow and learn, you’re already a perfect fit.”

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