Grace: An Insight into Research & Development

By P&G
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Hear from Grace about their journey within Research & Development in P&G.

Starting and Current job title: Associate Design Thinker

Before being hired as a full-time P&G employee, I worked for three summers as an intern and was consistently given projects toward which I had the chance to make meaningful contributions. As such, when I was hired full-time, I was not surprised at how quickly I was integrated into the workflow being given multiple projects with meaningful impact to the Gillette brand.

Even during the pandemic, I was embraced and supported by my teams while being challenged through my projects. I was given the opportunity to lead an entire workstream of innovation and was encouraged by my managers and mentors to challenge the status quo by bringing in new ways of thinking inspired by my education and background in design.

Within the first month of work, I was immersed in two projects where I quickly iterated on visuals and digital prototypes for both external consumer testing, and internal inspiration. I was encouraged to get in front of consumers, myself, designing and leading consumer interviews and qualitative research. In addition to my core projects, I was inspired and motivated to continue building my personal equity and was able to attend external conferences and continue to upskill in different digital prototyping software.

Overall, it has been a rich onboarding experience, from building my network within a group of incredibly talented and inspiring people, flexing my design muscles in new contexts, and learning from the experts of the organization.