Ella: An Insight into Sales

By P&G
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Hear from Ella about their journey within Sales in P&G.

Starting job title: Shopper Based Design Category Manager for Sainsbury's

Current job title: Account Manager for Sainsbury's

My time at Procter & Gamble has been nothing short of challenging, exciting, and full of new and diverse opportunities to grow as a person. Starting in September, I found myself in the midst of many opportunities for the Company. Within less than 3 weeks of joining, I was presenting externally, using my own data and findings to grow my Categories and work really strong plans externally with my Customer to develop through joint partnership.

Some examples of work I completed in my Category role included, supporting with Range Review analysis to understand when we, and competitors, launch New Product Developments, how they land and how well they perform. I have completed 12-week post Range Review Analysis to understand if the Customers Category has grown and what is driving this growth. I have led in-person Strategy Days to drive long-term changes and new opportunities I have identified. I have also led Live Builds where I build a store shelving plan with my Retailer, collaborating to build a perfect Range Review plan! 

I feel extremely lucky to have gained a Category, unbiased and levelled knowledge of the businesses I work on, building my awareness for how to gain credible, trusting relationship. Through all this, I know that my work has helped to provide my Customer with the information they need to not only grow P&G, but to also grow their total Category.

Your job as a Category Manager is very different to that of an Account Manager, as you are there to provide guidance and insights on the total Category, whereas having now transitioned to Account Manager I am much more focused on successfully building my brands within my Retailers. The work I have been doing since I transitioned includes landing my very own in-store Shippers, continuing to drive growth through regular connects with my Buyer and work plans to make my products look as strong as possible in stores. It is invaluable to now be in a place where I am working as an Account Manager but have a much more levelled view of how to successfully navigate negotiations, collaboration opportunities and pushback by having a wider awareness of the Category dynamic and what will really work for both myself and my Customer!