Driving Social Mobility at P&G

By P&G
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Procter and Gamble have always strived to reach high potential, diverse talent across the UK and they were recently recognised for their work in this area.

Rob Manton, Senior Sales Director and Ian Morley, Sales VP, were shortlisted for the ‘Mentor of the Year’ and ‘Champion of the Year’ categories at the SOMO Awards in October. Organised by societal change charity, Making The Leap, the Social Mobility Awards (SOMOs) were the first national awards dedicated to social mobility, aiming to raise awareness of social mobility by sharing the innovative work of forward-thinking organisations working to improve it. 

Rob and Ian were recognised for their commitment to advancing social mobility and the efficacy of the initiatives they have passionately worked on in this area. These include, developing strong partnerships with leading social mobility organisations and charities to ensure the organisation are at the forefront of thinking on this topic and developing a new Apprenticeship Programme to nurture the next generation to fulfil their career aspirations, straight from school. 

“I have taken huge pleasure in helping to support a more diverse and inclusive recruitment programme to enable more people from different backgrounds to have the same opportunities to reach their potential.  Through the partnerships we have built at P&G I have had the pleasure of meeting some exceedingly talented young people who have so much to offer to businesses, some of whom we have welcomed to P&G as apprentice’s.. It’s wonderful to see the commitment to drive change across so many companies – it’s this momentum we need to level the playfield for everyone”. Rob Manton –Senior Sales Director, Northern Europe

“Encouraging the industry to realise the potential of talent from all different backgrounds has been a passion of mine and I am particularly proud of the progress that P&G are making in this area.  From working with students in secondary schools, to partnering with organisations with a shared mission to give every student equal opportunities to shine, we are really starting to see change happening.  I want to thank the team that have helped bring our Social Mobility plans to life and am looking forward to seeing how all businesses embrace the challenge to level the playing field”. Ian Morley, Sales VP Northern Europe and Lead Team Sponsor for Social Mobility

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