Dhwani: An Insight into Analytics

By P&G
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Hear from Dhwani about their journey within Analytics in P&G.

Current and Starting job title: Senior Consumer & Market Kmowledge Manager

Day 1 for me started in the beginning of a global pandemic; our knowledge of consumer behaviour was going through a paradigm shift. The way they shopped, used, and saw value in our products was being redefined - Fairy liquid was ammunition against germs on grocery and toilet paper was currency! In this environment, I was tasked with discovering some of these behaviour changes, for not 1 but 4 brands: Febreze, Flash, Fairy and Viakal. Given these were some of the brands consumers were using to “protect” themselves, all eyes were on my research, internally and externally.

Fresh into the business, was this exciting? Absolutley 100%! Was this daunting? Absolutley 100%. But I never felt alone - a team of very skilled and experienced colleagues and a multitude of trainings, helped me tread confidently. I tapped into various research techniques, interacted with 100s of consumers and brought insights to the business and our retailers to inform strategy. For example, we were able to launch antibacterial Febreze fabric refresher and Flash sprays, plus a new brand, Microban.  

In these challenging times, the company’s value, culture, and most importantly, people helped me thrive. It is incredible to work in such a driven environment where the opportunities to grow are at every bend and corner – I await more adventures!