Christian: An Insight Into Sales

By P&G
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Christian, Sales Account Manager

After a few weeks of training I was put straight into the driving seat to manage, plan and grow the shave and Olay business for the largest independent wholesaler in the UK, a business turning over more than £17 million a year. Within the first two months I had travelled across the country and presented to 100s of people, taking ownership of the P&G brands I worked on and advising customers on how to grow their businesses using our products. It was amazing to see how quickly the company trusted me to represent some of their biggest brands such as Gillette and Olay and build their reputation externally. The support within the company was incredible, I was given the reins to run my own business but still thankfully had many access points to gain advice from the extremely experienced and intelligent people working around me.  When the fiscal year closed, just 4 months into my time here, I could tangibly see my positive impact on the numbers which was a great feeling to have so soon to joining.

 I also now am the drummer of the P&G band, Groom Armada, playing at the company end of year event and at a festival in London- both were fantastic experiences. I also lead our graduate group which is comprised of all sales employees with less than 2 years in the company. We hold quarterly events and always have evening socials afterwards, it’s great to be surrounded by such a great group of grads, especially when so new to the company.