Christian: An Insight into Finance & Accounting

By P&G
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Hear from Christian about their journey within Finance & Accounting in P&G.

Current and Starting job title: Customer Team Finance Manager

When I initially received the offer to start working at P&G as a Customer Team Finance Manager, I was perplexed as to why the word ‘Manager’ appeared in my job title. After all, I was a new graduate, fresh to the working world; however, within the first few days of working at P&G, the rationale became clear – you have truly impactful responsibilities from day one.

In my first week, I was already leading the financial modelling for my customers and leading the discussions on the impact that costs and mix have on sales and margins across our products. Excitingly, this modelling was shared with one of our customers, and our external Joint Business Plan discussions and decisions over the weeks have been made around my analysis, conclusions and recommendations. It was really rewarding to then see that the analysis that I had carried out was being used amongst senior management internally and externally to formulate the customer’s cost strategy, demonstrating the responsibility, autonomy, ownership and agility that you work has, even at a junior level.

The diversity of products and customers that my role offers is something that I have particularly enjoyed. I have visibility across all P&G product categories, complemented by a variety of customers including distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. My knowledge and impact are constantly expanding as I discover more about the different business models of my customers and product categories.

As I reflect on my journey thus far, beginning my career in a virtual environment amidst a lockdown was extremely daunting to me, however, the people and training at P&G have been fundamental in my development and settling in. Before starting, my manager reached out to me many times and we started build a rapport, which put me at ease ahead of day one. The culture at P&G is unparalleled - everyone wants you to succeed and will always be happy to give you, their time. This makes it so easy to reach out to both my manager and colleagues with questions that I might have, or to receive on-the-job and formal training. Both factors have been pivotal in my onboarding and, despite being only two months into the role, they’re both practices that I have naturally absorbed and applied with new members who have joined my teams subsequently.

It’s been really refreshing and rewarding to start my career at P&G - a company that embodies a relentless focus on personal growth. As I look at the future, I am excited to finally meet my team in-person and continue developing and contributing to the wider business.