Ingenieurwesen, Energie & Infrastruktur
Über RWE

From here, you can choose to go far. Join RWE and you’ll become a vital part of one of the most progressive energy companies in the world. We’re leading the way towards a more sustainable future, with green energy now representing the core of our business.   

RWE has reliably supplied people and companies with electricity for more than 125 years – night and day. Many of us take electricity for granted. As well as the fact that it comes out of our sockets at any time. And we can, because power generators like RWE make sure that it does. Decarbonisation and sustainability are key components of our corporate strategy. And we have a clear objective: climate-neutral by 2040.

Behind the progress we’re making, you’ll find a powerfully collaborative culture throughout the entire RWE Group. We empower all our graduates to make a big contribution – supporting your development and encouraging your ambitions. Across the world, everyone here has the opportunity to explore our business and grow their careers. After all, we can only keep on making our impact if our people can keep on making theirs. 

 From here, you’ll get to start your career with a global energy company that is as ambitious as you are. So choose RWE.